New Diagnosis

First Steps

If your child has recently received a diagnosis of autism, you can expect the following:

Your first contact after the Confirmation of Diagnosis form is signed and submitted by the diagnosing healthcare provider will be from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD). If you have not heard from them within 30 days, contact your healthcare provider or EECD.
Tel: 1-844-377-3819
Website: Google NB Preschool Autism Program or click here


The INTAKE period is very important and can take several months. During intake, VIVA will conduct a variety of informal and formal assessments to learn about the child’s strengths and needs.

VIVA also learns about caregiver values and goals and provides information about our approach and services. It is important that we establish a respectful partnership that will support the child moving forward.

Your child’s clinical team will start to spend time with the child, getting to know their personality, and their likes and dislikes. This rapport building time sets the stage for a positive and joyful therapeutic relationship.

All the information gathered during the intake period informs the development of a six-month personalized learning plan (PLP) that works for the entire family. The PLP includes information on the child’s and caregivers’ goals, location of services, and number hours per week the child will spend with a direct implementor (Behaviour Interventionist) and/or supervisor (Behaviour Consultant/Clinical Supervisor). Learn more about the clinical team.