Transition to School

Here is a short overview of what the transition process will look like keeping in mind that each child has different needs and that the transition plan and school plan will be individualized. The VIVA team will work with you and the school to ensure that there is a plan in place for continuity of your child’s learning in the new setting.

Winter Prior to School Entry

During this time, it is important that the child is registered for kindergarten. Parents are asked to inform their Clinical Supervisor (CS) about any orientation and/or appointments with the school so that a VIVA team member can support as needed.

Spring Prior to School Entry

Your Clinical Supervisor or Behaviour Consultant will collaborate with you to prepare a report for the school that includes a summary of the child’s learning needs, relevant assessment, and current therapeutic programming.

You will be invited to attend a meeting with personnel from the school, and sometimes school district office. Caregivers are encouraged to attend these meetings to share information about their child and to ask questions.

Summer Prior to School Entry

In some locations around the province, VIVA offers the ‘Off To School’ program. This program allows children to practice their skills in a classroom setting with other children, like kindergarten. This helps them prepare for school and also helps the child’s team learn how to best support them in this setting. In locations where ‘Off To School’ is not available, the team can work with caregivers to develop an alternative plan. Other assessments may take place during the summer. Updated information about the child and their support needs is shared with the school at the end of August to help the school prepare to welcome the child in September.


Throughout the month of September, the school will gradually take over responsibility for the child’s learning and communication with the family. Support from VIVA will be based on the needs of the individual child/school and over time there will be fewer and fewer meetings between the child and the VIVA team. Final communications will be shared between VIVA and the school regarding the child’s learning history and needs, and effective support strategies.