VIVA’s Approach

VIVA provides therapeutic services to preschool-aged children with autism throughout the province of New Brunswick, in English and French. Our services can be comprehensive or consultative to meet the individual needs of each child and family. We integrate evidence and practices from the fields of Behaviour Analysis and Speech-Language Pathology, using a naturalistic and fun approach to teaching children new skills and helping them meet their goals.

This article by Dr. Gregory Hanley summarizes the Today’s ABA approach, which we embrace.


What is Behaviour Analysis?

Behaviour Analysis is the science of behaviour. Behaviour is everything we do as humans, from eating, sleeping, and playing, to interacting with others, and learning new things! We know that a person’s behaviour is influenced by their environment. Behaviour Analysts pay attention to a person’s environment and adjust that context to help the individual change their behaviour and develop new skills in ways that are significant to them.

About the Profession

What is Speech-Language Pathology?

Speech-language pathologists are health professionals who identify, diagnose, and treat communication and swallowing disorders across the lifespan.

What do Speech-Language Pathologists do?

Position Statement

What are NDBIs?

NDBIs are “empirically supported, autism interventions that represent the merging of applied behavioral and developmental sciences. ‘Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions (NDBI)’ are implemented in natural settings, involve shared control between child and therapist, utilize natural contingencies, and use a variety of behavioral strategies to teach developmentally appropriate and prerequisite skills… these are ‘family friendly’ approaches that tend to increase both the quantity and quality of early learning experiences.”

Related Study.

Components of our service

It is important to us that all our strategies are based on research and best-practices.

This type of therapy is based on behavioural and developmental approaches. The core components of this service are:

The family is involved in the development of all goals in the Personalized learning plan (PLP). The family will be provided with all information needed to provide consent for strategies used with their child. The family will be provided with regular progress updates. Families are strongly encouraged to participate in coaching sessions to collaborate on strategies that will be useful outside of sessions.

The clinical team

A child’s team will include a Clinical Supervisor (CS), a Behaviour Consultant (BC), and Behaviour Interventionists (BI) who serve as direct implementors. This team will work on optimizing the child’s learning by tailoring the program and working to create as many high-quality learning opportunities as possible during sessions. Additional support from BCBA and S-LP specialists is available as needed.

Clinical supervisor (CS)

A Clinical Supervisor has a Masters degree in a related field and is responsible for overseeing a child’s program. The CS leads the team and oversees the work of Behaviour Consultants.

Behaviour consultant (BC)

A Behaviour Consultant has a Bachelor degree and shares the programming and monitoring responsibilities with the Clinical Supervisor (CS). The Behaviour Consultant is usually the primary contact person for caregivers. They are supervised by the CS.

Lead Therapist (LT)

A Lead Therapist has advanced experience and expertise implementing teaching programs. They supplement the supervision provided by the CS/BC by coaching and supporting Behaviour Interventionists and caregivers. They are supervised by the CS and BC.

Behaviour Interventionist (BI)

A Behaviour Interventionist is the direct implementor who works with the child in therapy sessions. The BI is responsible for working on the goals set by the team. They are supervised by the CS and BC.